We’re a Speculative Fiction Publishing House.

We focus on empowering emerging authors in speculative fiction. We are particularly interested in work by and about traditionally under-represented voices in SFF. We are currently focused on publishing in the following genres.


Stories set in an imaginary world, containing a system of magic, and/or exploring myth or folklore

Science Fiction

Tales based on science as we understand it with technologies that don’t exist in our world

Magical Realism

Fantastic stories in a more realistic setting, coupled with surreal elements


Works that focus on creatures such as vampires, ghosts, and demons with a more gothic tone


We have a deep knowledge of marketing products.

With over 10 years of marketing experience we pride ourselves on knowing how to sell! We go the extra distance to make sure your work succeeds.

  • 01- Book Tours

  • 02- Affiliates

  • 03- Hyper-Targeted Advertising

  • 04- Influencer/Sponsorships

  • 05- Organic Growth

Featured Works

The Mummy
A Lady of King Arthur's Court

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We are currently open to novel and novella submissions. Please email your query, brief synopsis, and first 5-10 pages to the email below. We are currently accepting short story submissions please visit https://megarapublishing.com/submissions/haunted-quill for details. For any other inquiries please use the form.

447 Broadway 2nd FL #494, New York, NY 10013
Phone: +1 914.732.1714
Email: submissions@megarapublishing.com